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The registration of your intellectual property is a critical step in protecting your hard work. Following the selection of a trademark, conduct a public trademark search using Trademark Search Online India to determine its uniqueness. If someone else has already registered a trademark that is similar or identical to yours, you must modify or change yours before proceeding. A trademark search ensures that your proposed trademark does not infringe on any previously registered marks. The search for a trademark name is carried out by comparing the name to a database of previously registered wordmarks and examining the proposed trademark for any violations of the guidelines.

We ensure a smooth and streamlined trademark registration at ApplyTrademark by conducting a free trademark name search and then drafting your trademark application. We submit the application to the trademark registry for verification once the trademark public search has been completed using Trademark Search Online India. The trademark registry investigates any violations and holds an objection hearing. If no objections are raised, your trademark will be registered within 1-1.5yrs.

As a result, conducting a trademark search is critical when registering a trademark. With India’s vast number of businesses, you could very easily be infringing on an already registered trademark, so conduct a trademark search using Trademark Tearch Online India. With ApplyTrademark, searching for trademark names, drafting applications, and registering trademarks has never been easier. Contact us today!

What can be registered as a trademark?

A name which can either personal in nature or can be the surname of the applicant e.g, the name Dhirubhai Ambani can be trademarked.
A word that is not being directly descriptive of the character or quality of the goods/service. For example, Google is a word that has been trademarked.
Image, symbol, monograms, 3-dimensional shapes, letters, etc. For example the tick in the Nike logo.
Sound marks in audio format. Forex the sound in the ad jingle

Benefits of Trademark Registration


Trademark brings along a legal protection. This protection allows you to protect your assets from any kind of infringement. You have a legal right to sue anyone over the misuse of your assets.


Trademark gives you and your company a separate identity. Your trademark is published in the Trademark’s registrar. It indirectly promotes your company. Also you being the rightful owner of your trademark, you have the exclusive rights of its usage.


Trademark increases your company’s value in the market. It makes your company reliable in front of customers as well as investors and partners.

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