What is Trademark


  • Generally, Trademark refers to a “brand” or “logo”.

  • Trademark registration can also be acquired for a business name, unique catch phrases, taglines or captions, combination of colors and different letters, even smell. Trademark gives a company/business separate identity.

  • If properly used and promoted, a Trademark can become one of the most valuable asset of the business. Trademarks indicate the origin as well as the quality of the goods. Some popular trademarks include Coca Cola, HP, Canon, Adidas, etc.

  • The Trade Marks Registry administers the Trade Marks Act, 1999 and the rules made thereunder. It registers and protects trademarks.There is nothing better than having a legal right over your company’s assets.

  • Thus, it is highly recommended to get a Trademark registration.You can get Trademark registered online click here.

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Trademark Registration

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How to Apply Trademark ?

  • Conduct a Trademark search.

  • Identify the class of your services and goods.

  • File the application with the prescribed fees.

  • After verification your trademark will be published in Trademark’s journal.

  • If no objection is raised, a certificate is issued.

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Types of Trademark

A trademark may be entitled by the following symbols:


TM (Trademark):  It is an Unregistered Trademark which can be used to promote products.



SM (Service Mark): It is an unregistered service mark which may be used to promote or advertise products.



registertrademark(Registered Trademark): This trademark is surrounded by a circle and it is known as Registered Trademark.

Minimum Requirements 

Company Registration

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You just need to provide your Company’s PAN Card and Certificate of Incorporation to get your temporary mark™ within 2 working days.

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Individual Registration

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If you are an individual, provide us your ID proof which includes

  • Address Proof

  • Identity Proof

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Features of Trademark

  1. Symbol or logo owned by a person pertaining to its goods or services.

  2. A trademark cannot be objectionable.

  3. It may sometimes be known as a Service mark, when trademark is used in relation to services.

  4. Trademark also consists of any brand, label, signature, word,  shape of products or sound,smell,etc.

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  • Trademark must be distinctive.

  • Trademark should be non-descriptive word.

  • Copied trademarks are not allowed.

  • Trademark can secure your brand.