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Trademark Registration Online

A trademark is a word, color, slogan, logo, shape of goods, smell, sound, or three dimension that you use to distinguish your product from competitors’ products. Trademarks are distinctive identifiers that make your product, service, or company stand out from the competition. A registered trademark is the intellectual property or intangible asset of your company. Trust and loyalty are safeguarded by it.An individual or a company can register a trademark with Trademark Registration Online In India. 

When a trademark is registered, the person whose name is entered as the applicant on the registration form becomes the owner of the trademark. In addition to preventing others from using your registered trademark, you can sue people who attempt to copy it. Protect your brand identity and the trust your customers have in it with ease, thanks to our team of experts and the best Trademark Registration Company.

What Are The Different Trademark Symbols?

The protection, and registration of various kinds of “Intellectual Properties” is done both in India and internationally. But these 3 are the most commonly used Intellectual Properties.
Trademark Registration
TM (Trademark)
It is an Unregistered Trademark which can be used to promote products.
Trademark Registration
SM (Service Mark)
It is an unregistered service mark which may be used to promote or advertise products.
Trademark Registration
Filing the Application
This trademark is surrounded by a circle and it is known as Registered Trademark.

Benefits of Trademark Registration


Trademark brings along a legal protection. This protection allows you to protect your assets from any kind of infringement. You have a legal right to sue anyone over the misuse of your assets.


Trademark gives you and your company a separate identity. Your trademark is published in the Trademark’s registrar. It indirectly promotes your company. Also you being the rightful owner of your trademark, you have the exclusive rights of its usage.


Trademark increases your company’s value in the market. It makes your company reliable in front of customers as well as investors and partners.

Trademark Registration Process

Trademark Process for logo registration is quick and easy. A “TM” symbol can be used immediately after submission of the application. Apply Trademark Registration online In India is necessary to protect the brand name.
Trademark Process includes several steps for proving original ownership of the mark. Trademark registration in India via Apply Trademark online is undergoing many innovative changes. It is usually best to seek trademark registration under the supervision of a professional, as the process entails several steps and requires constant government follow-up, so you can take help from our experts for supervision.

Apply trademark registration
Trademark Search
To start off the trademark filing, we do a comprehensive Trade mark search to check for pre-existing trademark/wordmarks with the same name. A free trademark search is vital in order to not be involved in trademark violation troubles.
Apply trademark registration
Application Drafting
After a free trademark public search has been conducted, and if no pre-existing word mark with the same name is found, then we draft a Trademark application with details provided by you.
Apply trademark registration
Filing the Application
Once the “name search and drafting process” for your application is finished, we forward it to the Trademark Registry for approval. The Registry provides an application number for status tracking, and if there are no objections, your trademark is registered in 18-20 months.

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