Cardboard and paper 

Any goods made from them; printed matter, photographs and all stationary given that they are not included in any other classes, adhesives (at household level) , paint brushes, office requisites; teaching material (excluding any kind of apparatus), printing blocks and plastic material for packaging.

Non- metallic building materials

Rigid pipes again non-metallic and used for building purposes; bitumen, asphalt and pitch; monuments, not of  metal.


Products from agriculture, forest and horticulture and grains given that they are not included in other classes; fresh vegetables and fruits; live animals; seeds; plants and flowers (natural); food product for animals.

Precious Metal and its Alloy

Any precious metal and its alloy and any goods made of that precious metal or even coated with, jewels and ornaments and precious stones; also chronometric instruments.

Household utensils and Containers

Household utensils and containers (including kitchen), sponges and combs; brushes(excluding paint brushes) and materials included in their making; steel wool and unprocessed glass, porcelain and glassware; also earthenware.

Technological and scientific services

Technological and scientific services; industrial analysis and research services; development of computer hardware and software and their designing.

Mineral and aerated water

Mineral and aerated water; Non-alcoholic drinks and beers; fruit juices and drinks; syrups and preparation for beverages.