What is the difference between Trademark and Service mark?

What is Service Mark?

Service Marks are the types of a trademark which is used in different countries of identifying services only i.e. we can say that trademark done only for the services provided by the organization, any individual or any business but only service no product is included in it. When someone registers for the service mark successfully the standard symbol of registration is used by them. This mark can also be used when the practice of trademark is done it can be used there also.

What is Trademark?

Trademark is specifically a unique identification of the business product it can be anything like word, symbol, device, product or any combination which is used to identify and distinguish them from the other products available and make an image in the market like Pepsi Co has  the trademark of  blue color which cannot be copied that will be against the law or we say like the coca-cola has red color trademarked by them so that no one can copy these things and if he tries to make a  copy then it would be illegal

Examples of Service Mark And Trademark

There are many examples of the service mark. There are many retail outlets or restaurants require service mark. Some examples of service mark are Walmart, McDonald’s, United Airlines etc.

Whereas in trademark, if you are dealing in the jewelry products or clothing products, then you need to get a trademark for your product line. For example, Tiffany & Co is a registered trademark for a line of jewelry products.  Nike is a brand which is done with its trademark registration for a line of footwear and clothing products.

Service mark vs Trademark

Both are very similar to each other but there are few differences. Trademark is applicable only for business dealing in goods or identify products. Whereas service marks are specially used to identify the service.

A business can use “TM” for their goods whereas “SM” is used only for services. The TM or SM symbols are legally bound by local, state or foreign laws

Whether it is Service Mark or the Trademark their main motive is same as they both work like a protection of the product or the service of the individual or business or any legal entity in the market and help them in making their product or service unique from the other products which are offered by the competitors available in the market.

For Example, service Mark:- Name and logo of the store

                           Trademark:- Name and logo of fruit juice

McNugget is the example of a trademark as it is a product, not the service. Mcdonald’s is an example of Service Mark when referencing the business of serving food

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Could You Need Both?

Many companies use both trademark and the service mark. For Example, Amazon is the online retailer. It can be considered a service mark because it provides online shopping services. Whereas,  the name can also be a trademark because Amazon sells the product such as Kindle E-reader.

other examples are Starbucks and Fed Ex.

Both Trademark And Service MarkTrademark or service mark both have the same procedure to get registered by the individual or any legal entity in the market. These are even used as the intellectual property of the registering person which is treated as the same as the other property except that these are registered assets so that other persons are not able to use these without the permission of the owner of the property.

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