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Planning to establish a company or expanding your existing business? Thinking to acquire Trademark or to get the registration of the same in Delhi? You can get your Trademark Registration in Delhi with Apply Trademark easily.

Trademark registration process in India is required if a company/individual intend to possess the complete ownership of the mark and intend to protect it from the misuse by the third party. Trademark registration gives legal right to take appropriate action against the third party against an infringement of the trademark. Registering a trademark gives the owner exclusive right to use it for its products and/or services. If the trademark registration process is followed smoothly, then the owner can use the symbol that indicates that specific trademark is registered. The symbol indicates trademarks registration in India application is filed.

The basic requirement for the registration of trademark in Delhi is Form TM- 1, which is an application to register a trademark for a specification of goods and services included in a class.

Steps to Register Trademark in Delhi

  • Identify the Mark/Logo to be registered as Trademark
  • Search the availability of Trade name / Mark of Registration
  • Identify the class under which the Trademark has to be Registered
  • Filing the applications with Trade Marks Registry

There are various requirements for filing a trademark application which is as follow:

  • Firstly, the name, address, and nationality of the applicant.
  • If the applicant is a company, Certificate of incorporation and company’s PAN card is mandatory.
  • If the applicant is a partnership firm, the names of all the partners are required.
  • A list of products or services for which registration is required.
  • Soft copy of the trademark to be registered.

Documents required filing an application to register a Trademark?

To file a trademark application, one need to attach the following documents:-

  • Trademark or logo copy,
  • Applicant details – Name, address proof, Nationality proof
  • Company details,
  • Products or services which are to be registered
  • A signed copy of the Power of attorney on a 100Rs. Stamp Paper
  • First date of using the trademark before getting or applying for registration