Trademark registration in Bangalore

If you are thinking to start a new business/trade, in Bangalore, you should make yourself separate from the rest. Register trademark online in Bangalore.

Registration of trademark is under the Trademarks Act, 1999.

Documents required for trademark registration in Bangalore

  • A soft copy of the logo in JPEG format.
  • TM1 (Application of trademark).
  • Date of first use of the mark.
  • Name and address of the applicant.
  • Required fee

Fill in your details and submit your documents here for Trademark Registration

Apply for Trademark Registration in Bangalore

Trademark Registration

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Benefits of Trademark in Bangalore

  • Many people believe that they can protect their trademark easily by using the mark in commerce.
  • Trademark registration can reduce the risk of being prevented from using your symbol or logo by other traders.
  • If you desire to expand overseas, Trademark registration provides you a better platform to attain rights in other countries.
  • Trademark registration can protect you from Infringement Claims.
  • Trademark registration captures the value of what you develop.
  • Registering your trademark can secure the co-operation of Third Parties.

You can easily make an application for a trademark on Form TM-1 by registering here Trademark application with the prescribed fee of Rs. 6000.

Simple and easy Procedure for Trademark registration in Bangalore

Trademark Registration in Bangalore