How Long Is a Trademark Good For, How Long Does a Trademark Last?

Trademark can be any recognisable sign, design or expression which differentiates the product or service of organisation or individual from others i.e. it gives a unique look which cannot be copied as it is registered which is getting important for every company in this tough competition were your product can get copied and your profit can convert into a loss. A trademark registration may be done for a package, label, voucher or the product itself. It identifies the brand owner of a particular product or service after they are licensed and no one can imitate it.

It is specifically a unique identification of a business, it can be anything like a word or a symbol or a device or a product or any combination of these and is used to identify and differentiate them from the other available products. For e.g. an image in the market like PepsiCo has trademarked a certain shade of the blue color and or the Coca-Cola trademarked shade of red cannot be copied. Any such unauthorized copying is against the law by them so no one can copy these things so making the copy illegal.

Why Is It Important To Maintain Trademark Registration?

It is important to do trademark registration maintenance as it keeps your trademark active. It acts as an evidence that you continue to use your trademark. If you do not register your trademark, USPTO removes inactive trademarks from the records.

A trademark is good for the protection of the product or service because it ensures that it does not get copied or any other person earns profit from the same business idea of someone other. It is unfair that someone has worked hard on an idea and who has invested a lot of time and effort in making the idea or business successful and earned goodwill in the market.

How Long Does A Trademark Last?

A trademark once registered is valid for the 10 (ten) years in the market. We can say that once the product or service gets registered under the trademark act by the proper procedure so after that for the next ten years the product or service cannot be copied or we say no one can use it other than the registering person to whom it will be counted as the intellectual property. After the expiry of the time or within the time it can be renewed as many times for as long as it is available in the market.

A trademark protects the product or the service in the market from getting copied and harming the goodwill of the organization and causing a loss to the business.


Hence, we can say applying for the trademark is a smart move which can provide a huge advantage in the market and help make profit and goodwill in the market which will help the organization to last longer in the market. It can be filed online which is a good facility provided by the government in which you have to fill application form giving clear information and submit the supporting documents.


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