Have you created something totally crazy and unique, yet effective? Here is your chance to protect it and earn off of it. Designed a dress or created a dish using a wacky new process? Want to protect your secret? Apply for a patent and you can mint money with your novel process.

You can file an International Patent Application in India under the Patent Cooperation Treaty, 1957 and get your patent worldwide recognition by simply filing your application online. Go Mumbaikars, get your creative juices flowing, patent your inventive designs by applying here.

Kickstart the process today by filling this simple form.

Benefits of Patent Registration:

For these reasons, get going, fill the form and apply for a patent in Mumbai right now.

Registration Of Patent In Mumbai (Process)

Registration of patent with the help of LEGAL RAASTA in MUMBAI.

First of all, go to Legal Raasta and click on the ‘registration’ option. Next click on Patent Registration and the process begins.

Step 01: Filling the Patent Application Form:

Fill in the text boxes with your contact details and click on proceed.

Next, you have to fill the patent details. Select whether you want a provisional or a permanent certificate and fill in the other required details and click on next which takes you to the pricing tab.

A provisional application can be filed when the invention has reached a stage wherein it can be explained on paper but has not attained the final stage i.e. where it is completely ready.

The Permanent Specification is a complete techno-legal document which fully describes the invention in detail and discloses the best method of performing the invention.

For filing a provisional patent in Mumbai, select the “Provisional patent” option, fill in your address and select your state as “Maharashtra”.

For filing a provisional patent in Maharashtra, select the “Permanent patent” option.  Fill in your address and select your state as “Maharashtra”.

While filling the form, you must provide us with a detailed description of the patent you wish to register.

There are different modes of payment available for your convenience.

We also provide an add-on service, if you want, of Patent Search to ensure that your invention is a new process or a new invention. And that it is capable of being marketed and sold. It is conducted by our experts. The process enables us to ensure that the invention filed by you is patentable. This research usually takes 3-4 working days from our side.

Your name, email id and mobile no. will appear in the form. You can continue with the details provided or fill in different billing details and then click on “SUBMIT”.

If you want to Apply for Trademark Registration, you can go with Apply Trademark.


If you have opted for the add-on service of patent search, at the time of filling the form, we will undertake a search to check if your invention is a new process or a new invention. To ensure that the invention is capable of being marketed and sold. It is conducted by our experts. The process enables us to ensure that the invention filed by you is patentable. This research usually takes 3-4 working days from our side.


Once you have filled up the form and made the payment, your patent application will be processed. We will send you a Power of Attorney and a Non-Disclosure Agreement, non-disclosure being from our side so you can be sure of complete secrecy, granting us the authority to file the application on your behalf, which needs to be signed by you and sent back to us. The draft application will be sent to you within 15-20 working days, after which you can check it and give us the confirmation to file it. Our lawyers will file a provisional or a permanent specification, as is applicable, i.e. giving all the necessary details of the patent along with any drawings and an abstract along with a proof of right. The diary number will be given to you when the application is filed.


Once your application is filed, it goes through an initial screening to check its patentability. The Indian Patent Office (IPO) checks if you have the right to file the patent, whether you or somebody else has filed the same or similar application either in India or abroad, whether you have filed an International Patent Application designating the IPO as the office of filing, whether you have filed this patent in collaboration with another person, whether in India or abroad, and its status.


After the initial screening, if everything checks out alright and there is no other procedural objection from the IPO. then your application will be published after the expiry of 18 months from the date of application.


You must, anytime within 48 months from the date of application, file a request for examination. Your application will be taken up for examination by the Patent Office after it is published and you have filed a request for it. The govt. can raise an objection if your patent is not an invention or already existing. If no objection has been raised, an examination report will be made and sent to you by the IPO within 6 months from the date application. After the examination report is sent, your application will come up for hearing. There are two types of hearings, namely effective and non-effective. Which type of hearing comes up depends on the Patent Office but in any case, only one hearing will be required. In an effective hearing, our lawyer will be personally present to deal with the matter.


If there are no other objections and your application is in order, your patent is granted and gets registered. Post-grant objections, if any, must be filed within 1 year. The entire process takes from 2-3 years and we will be there to help you through any hearings and pre-grant objections if any.

Registration of Patent in Mumbai can be done through Legal Raasta.

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