Before discussing the registered trademark advantages, let’s see what the trademark is. Trademark is a recognizable sign, design or expression. It differentiates the product or service of an organization or individual from another. It gives a unique look which cannot be copied as it is registered. Getting a trademark registered is getting important for every company. In this tough competition world, where your product can be copied and your profit can turn into a loss. A Trademark may be located on a package, label, Voucher or on the product itself for the identity. A trademark identifies the brand owner of a particular product or service after they are licensed and no one can imitate it.

Hence a trademark cannot be copied and imitated. It can help in the increasing your profits.  Register a trademark is a good initiative even though it is not compulsory in India. But it gives you extra protection by which your name, product or service is safe because nobody else can use it, by any means.

Why Register Brand Name or Trademark?

So, if you have a business or planning to have a business, then you may have many questions about the trademark registration in India. First of all, you might think that is it a really necessary step to have a trademark registration for business. Well, what  if:

  • Someone else is misusing your business name
  • You find out later that the name of your business is actually registered with some other company

These can create a huge loss for you in terms of money, hard work, and time. So you need to seriously consider protecting your business identity, name, brand, logo etc. You can protect it only if you register your trademark for business. Any person can apply who claim to be the owner of the trademark. A person can be a proprietor, individual, company or legal entity. The application for trademark files within a few days and you can start using “TM” ( for goods) or “SM” (for services) symbol. Once your trademark is registered and registration certificate is issued, you can use the ® (Registered symbol) next to your trademark.

If you want to Apply for Trademark Registration, you can go with Apply Trademark.

Registered Trademark Advantages

Some of the registered trademark advantages are below:

  • Your brand name can be secured. It means that no one can use your brand name but if you registered a brand name legally then others cannot do anything with it as you have registered it first.
  • You can use the symbol ‘R’ as a notification for everyone else that you have registered it so no other can register it for their benefit.
  • If you have registered the trademark, then you can easily take the legal help from the court. No objections will be made and you can enforce your rights and the person copying the trademark can be sued.
  • You can also protect your trademark from others as only you are allowed to use it. You can earn goodwill so it is important to protect your goodwill which can be harmed by others using your name to sell things and earn the profit.
  • One should always control the brand name that helps the organization to establish and increase your market share.  Give your competitors a tough time. So, your brand name should be as much as safe it can be which will make it a little easier by this.
  • Registering a trademark makes it easier to license the use of your trademark to others like Franchisees, etc. It benefits you in different ways in the market.
  • Once you create the value of your trademark or brand name you can restore the value that no one can take it from you.

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