Protect Your Domain Name With A Trademark in India

Trademark and Domain Name

The trademark generally refers to the brand or logo. It is a unique expression related to a product or service that differentiates it from others. Trademark registration can be done for a business name, unique catch phrases, taglines or captions, a combination of colors and different letters, even smell. Trademark gives a company/business separate identity. If they are properly used and promoted, a Trademark can become one of the most valuable assets. Trademarks indicate the origin as well as the quality of the goods. Some popular trademarks include Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Canon, Dell, etc.

A domain name is referred to as the single most important piece of identity, which is especially for the purpose of online business. It helps to provide an identity to a practically virtual business which does not exist in real life. Thus, if you are a startup or a business which aims to operate completely on the internet. You must register your domain name in order to protect your legal identity in the eyes of the consumers.

Benefits For Trademarking Domain Name

Benefits of trademarking the domain name for businesses as well as consumers are as follows:

1. A trademark or a service mark of your domain name helps to protect your identity and it also establishes exclusive rights for the business.

2. It protects the goodwill of the business and it sees the eyes of the customers with care.

3. A registered and a protected domain name protects the business from its duplicates or any unauthorized use of domain the name by a third party.

4. It also increases the access value of your product, from any part of the world.

5. It can also function in order to deliver the business’s products to any part of the world since the internet access is so far-reaching.

6. it also confers the status of ‘branded goods’ to your product.

7. It also offers it right to transfer the trademark to others for consideration

8. Apply for some  legal relief if found having the same domain name as another the procedure for registering your own domain name

9. File Trademark Application: Fill out the complete form and then submit to the registrar.

The trademark application form FORM-1 TM costs a one time fee of INR 3500.

Supporting documents required:

a. Business registration concern: The application requires you to fill in the details of your registered company depending on whether it is a sole proprietorship, private ltd, public ltd. etc]. Submit an id proof of the directors.

b. An image of your brand logo with a standard size of 9x 5 centimeters.

c. Proof of claim in case your proposed mark is being used at any other country.

d. Verify with the Government: Once the Registrar has received your application, it reviews the information and checks whether the brand name complies with the law and does not represent or is in any way similar to an existing brand.

e. Publish in the Indian Marks journal: After examination, the logo or brand name is published in the Indian Trade Mark Journal. If no one raises an objection within 3 months or in some cases 120 days, from the date of publication, the brand name is officially accepted.

Thus protecting the domain name by a trademark registration in India helps the businessman to protect his trademark against any kind of infringement.

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