A domain name is a unique identification string that tells a realm of authority or control on the internet. Domain name system is followed by making the domain name on the internet. Domain names only get in work after getting register under the domain name system. They are used in various networking contexts and application-specific naming, location and addressing purposes. A domain name represents an internet protocol resource, used to access the internet, a server computer hosting a website or the website itself or any via the internet. 300 million names had been registered in 2016.

Trademark is a recognisable sign, design or expression which differentiates the product or service of organization or individual from other i.e. it gives unique look which cannot be copied as it is registered which is getting important for every company in this tough competition were your product can get copied and your profit can convert into a loss. Trademark may be located on a package, label, voucher or on the product itself for the identity. A trademark identifies the brand owner of a particular product or service after they are licensed and no one can imitate it.

Protection Of Domain Name In India

In India, Protection of Domain names has been approved by the law courts of the country all the requirements should be fulfilled and have to be properly registered under the Indian trademark law. Just like the trademark Indian law also provide guidelines for the domain name registration which is equal or like the trademark procedure. Anyone to obtain protection to its newly created domain name in entire India under the Trademark Act of 2017 and the Trademark Rules of 2002 including all the amendments done in them till date. A person, business or any type of legal entity can register his domain for the work and protection of the work.

Benefits Of Duly Registered And Protected Trademark And The Domain Name

Duly Registered And Protected Trademark And The Domain Name can give you the following benefits:-

  • It gives you protection against the unauthorized use of your domain name by any entity. So it promotes and protects your domain name.
  • A domain name increases access value of the business from any remote place across the world. On the other hand, Trademark supports the face value of your business.
  • A domain name can function to deliver your product or service to the customers all over the world. On the other hand, a trademark makes the product or service prominent in the concerned marketplace.

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With the help of above article, It clearly mentioning that the importance of internet domain names is increased now. Not only in connection with internet communication but also in business & commerce on the internet. Nowadays, internet services are increasing as it offers better services any time anywhere. Due to this, there is an imperative need for getting proper protection to the unique domain names such as trademarks and service marks. This increasingly desirable protection to the internet domain names as trademarks is now quite achievable under the auspices of the ICANN and the WIPO. However, efficient, and rigorous protection of domain names at the level global, close harmonization of the trademark laws of individual countries worldwide, is also highly desirable.