Steps For Patent Registration

Patent procedure you need to follow are:

• Describe everything about your invention. Write everything about it in detail. It should clearly mention the working, the objective, advantages, disadvantages, materials used, industrial applications and so on. Diagrams and pictures of the invention is also recommended.

• Check whether the invention is even patentable or not. The Patent Act clearly states which all inventions are not considered to be patentable.

• Now check whether your invention meets the patentability criteria or not. The four criteria according to The Patent Act are: Novelty, Industrial application, non-obviousness and enabling.

• Draft a patent application and file a provisional application(optional) and prescribed fees along with it. This will give you a filing date which has a validity of twelve months. So you have twelve months to prepare your invention and its prototype.

• If provisional application is not filed, then complete specification application is filed along with application of patent and prescribed fees. The application is then published in official journal after eighteen months of filing. Early publication is also possible on request.

• The application is then examined but only after a request is made. A patent examiner examines your invention on certain criteria. These criteria are generally the same as the patentability criteria. After examination, a first examination report is created.

• Objections can or cannot be raised based on the application. Generally, objections are made. You can consult a patent agent to prepare against the objections.

• After clearance of all the objections, finally patent is grant.
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