The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) provides us with an overview of an international treaty which is duly administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is an international treaty with more than 148 Contracting States. It is administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization(WIPO). The PCT is a universal settlement which gives a framework for recording a patent application and enables us to get licenses in different nations around the globe based on a solitary patent application. As PCT streamlines the strategy for getting Patent assurance in numerous nations, making it more productive and prudent for:

a) Users of the patent framework i.e a candidate/(s) and designers

b) National Offices. The PCT rearranges the patent recording process for the candidate and a definitive choice to give a patent vest only with every national or territorial Patent Office. A solitary PCT application has an indistinguishable legitimate impact from a national Patent application in every one of the PCT Contracting States. Without the PCT, we would need to document a different patent application in every nation independently and autonomously. PCT spare candidate time, exertion and cost of getting ready to separate applications in different dialects and document it in various signatories states.

Need for Introducing Patent Cooperation Treaty

  • To bring the world within reach.
  • Expel real expenses and furnish clients with extra time to consider their different Patent providing choices.
  • Gives a solid premise to the client for Patenting choices.
  • Is adequately utilized by the world’s real partnerships, colleges, and research organizations when they look for worldwide patent assurance.

Basic Features of Patent Cooperation Treaty System

  • A formal examination is done by one office.
  • Recovery by one office.
  • Universal production by one office.
  • Examination and approval wrapped up by the national office.
  • A single application with legitimate impact in all PCT nations.
  • 148 nations and 4 provincial patent frameworks

Advantages of Patent Cooperation Treaty

  • A solitary application in single dialect recorded in a solitary nation called the universal application.
  • Gives a solid premise to protecting choices to the clients.
  • Fits formal necessities.
  • Utilized by the world’s real enterprises, colleges, and research establishments when they look for global patent assurance.
  • This single application has the impact of recording all the while in various nations (assigned nations).
  • Shields candidate from certain incidental mistakes.
  • Advances to address client issues.

Filing Process of Patent Cooperation Treaty

Following are the steps for filing Patent Cooperation Treaty:

#1. Filing the Local Application

The first step is the applicant need to first file the patent application in their home country.

#2. Filing the PCT Application

The Applicant needs to file an application at the national level including the international application in one language and need to pay the single set of a fee. PCT application needs to file within 12 months after filing a national application. The priority date is given by the national office.

PCT application can also be directly filed to RO (receiving office) office of WIPO.

#3. Checking for Defects

The check is led by the accepting office, it is partitioned into two sections. The initial segment concerns the prerequisites of agreeing a worldwide documenting date as set out in Article 11(1) of PCT. The second part concerns the formal and physical necessities under Article 14.

#4 International Search Report

The patent application transmits to an International seeking specialist. An International Searching Authority scan an application and check for an earlier craftsmanship and condition of workmanship. They made it obvious regardless of whether the record that is qualified for concede of the patent. They set up it based on their composed supposition. Inside 16 months from the date of recording, ISR (International pursuit report) will give look report with the composed assessment.

#5 International Publication

Subsequent to presenting the fundamental archive client application is distributed, after the fulfillment of year and a half. Before that, an application has kept the mystery. Worldwide Bureau (IB) of WIPO distributes the PCT application. The substance of use uncovers to the overall population.

#6 International hunt

Demand for the supplementary hunt documents by the application before fruition of 19 months from the need date. Under this candidate interest for global primer examination.

#7 International Preliminary Report

Inquiry expert will give an account of patentability, regardless of whether the patent is to concede. This is to allow inside 28 months by the capable specialist.

#8 Enter in National Phase

After finishing off every fundamental prerequisite patent concern by the national office. Similarly, the patent allows in all other contracting states. The patent concerns the candidate before the fulfillment of 30 months. After this candidate can look for assurance.


Patent Cooperation Treaty acquired awesome unrest field of creation and advancement for the creator because of this PCT appreciated extraordinary achievement and proceeded with development over the world. It has a close worldwide participation of 148 Contracting States with a large number of creators, of all shapes and sizes, who help to the world’s mechanical progression using the PCT and national patent frameworks. The PCT acquired unrest the path through which licenses given over the world. The time postpone highlight of the PCT jam client patent choices, defers costs, giving the client an extra time to get financing and evaluate the business, authorizing and association openings.

The PCT causes the client to get licenses for his innovation/(s). It is the keen Patenting Solution – Applicant best alternative for getting patent on a worldwide scale.

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