It is very important to have Copyright Registration for the website. A website may contain a number of elements that are either literary or are artistic in nature. For example words, graphics, videos, software and photos etc. As per the Copyright Office, the businessman is however required to file a copyright registration request for each of these elements separately.

Basically, it means that he can get a copyright on certain specific material but not on a complete website or blog. It is, therefore, a clumsy process in order to get copyright for a whole website or a blog. The article will give us the details as to how can a person follow this process.

How Do Copyrights work?

You have created a very good website but are you sure that your content won’t be copied? To avoid this you must be aware of the intellectual right that is granted to you. It doesn’t matter whether you are working on any website or any prototype. Copyright is right granted to the creator for its original art, films, books, musical work etc. Copyright registration helps you to aid your claim in the case of infringement of your copyright.

Copyright Registration For The Website

These are the basic steps in order to have Copyright Registration for the website :

  1. Filing
  2. Examination
  3. Registration

The filing of a copyright can be done

Through Online Filing Process:

Step 1: The businessman is first required to  Create a User ID at Legal Raasta by filling certain basic details.

Step 2: After successful registration, he is required to  browse Legal Raasta and is required to Log In with
his credentials.

Step 3:  He then has to Click on “e-Filing of Application”

Step 4: He is then supposed to  Click on the link “Click here for the  online Copyright Registration”

Step 5: He is then required to Fill up the online “Copyright Registration Form” in four steps

  1. Complete the Form XIV, a then press the SAVE button.
  2. To Fill-up the Statement of Particulars, and then press SAVE button
  3. To Fill-up the Statement of Further particulars and then press SAVE button in order to Save the entered details
  4. To Make the payment through Debit Card/ Credit Card/ Net Banking or Postal Order or Demand Draft.

Through Offline Filing Process

  •  An Application for the registration is to be made on Form XIV.
  • To, Separate the applications which should be made for the registration of each work.
  • An Each application should, however, be accompanied by the requisite fee.
  • The applications should be signed by the applicant or by the advocate in whose favor a Power of Attorney has been executed. The Power of Attorney should however also be enclosed.
  • Each and every column of the Statement of the Particulars and the Statement of Further Particulars should be replied specifically.


After the businessman files his trademark application and receives the diary number, he is supposed to wait for a mandatory period of 30 days so that no objection is filed in the Copyright office against his claim and that the particular work is created by him.

Thus following these steps will help a businessman to get the copyright registration of his website.