The trademarks generally refer to the brand or logo. It is a unique expression related to a product or service that differentiates it from others. Trademark registration can be done for a business name, unique catch phrases, taglines or captions, a combination of colors and different letters, even smell. Trademark gives a company/business separate identity. If they are properly used and promoted, a Trademark can become one of the most valuable assets. Trademarks indicate the origin as well as the quality of the goods. There are some popular trademarks include Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Canon, Dell, etc.

Kinds Of Trademarks

A trademark is a distinguishing sign that differentiates a person’s goods (products) or services from those of the competitors. Trademark Registration process with the government for Intellectual Property rights gives the person the exclusive right to use the trademark for certain goods and services within the country for an extendable period of 10 years. It helps to protect a figure, a word, a melody or a product of a company. There are different types of trademarks and the article will tell us about its different kinds.

  1. Word Marks

It consists of one or more words such as Japp or Marco Polo and it can also be a combination of the numbers or letters such as SVT. It is always registered in a standard typeface which means that one has to apply for a figurative mark if the trademark has a certain shape which the businessman wants to protect.

  1. Figurative marks/logos

It consists of a figure or a figure that is combined with a word. It also includes the word marks that are designed with a particular font that is either in black and white or in a color.

  1. Three Dimensional trademarks

A three-dimensional trademark can be used when the actual product or its packaging has a particular shape. For example, a perfume or a liquid bottle.

  1. Device marks

These are used in order to provide protection to logos and labels. For example, words in a special font or something that is presented in a special layout.

  1. Colour Marks

In very exceptional cases, a single color or a combination of colors can be a trademark. It is the case generally when the people recognize a certain product or a service by its color. For example, blue gas tanks that are used as campsites.

  1. Sound Marks

A sound can always be a different indicator which can also be protected and guarded. A sound trademark is a sound or a melody which has a distinctive recognition effect, and in order to protect it, the sound must be reproducible graphically. For example, using notes.

Thus, the different kinds of trademarks which have been listed above help in the protection of a brand as it is another way of referring to a brand only. You can choose anyone which suits your business the most.

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