Steps For Copyright Registration

Following is the Copyright procedure that you need to follow:

  • File an application duly signed by you. Along the application you need to submit a copy of your work, identity and address proof. If the registration is being done under the name of your company, you need to submit the certificate of incorporation of your company also.

  • These documents are filed with the Registrar of Copyrights along with the prescribed fees.

  • A diary number is issued to you after the submission. A thirty day wait is followed by it.

  • This wait of thirty days is done in order to wait for any objection against the copyright. If any objection is raised, a legal hearing is followed. Both parties are allowed to express their views and defend their case.

  • If no objection is raised or the objection raised is denied or suspended, a verification is done by the Registrar.

  • After the satisfaction of Registrar, application is approved. Hence, completing the copyright registration successfully.

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