Benefits Of Copyright

The following are the copyright benefits:

  • Legal Protection

The best feature of a copyright is the protection it brings along. A legal protection is provided to the copyright owner and his work. This protects you and your from any kind of infringement.

  • Solid Evidence

 In case of any kind of cheating or misuse of a copyright work, you can approach the judicial system of India. At the time of proceedings, copyright registration act as a very strong evidence. It proves that you have the rightful ownership of work under consideration. It gives you the right to sue anyone who has misused your work.

  • An Asset

 Copyright act as an asset. It can be sold or used commercially. It brings name as well as fame.

  • Validity

It has a validity of a whole lifetime, literally. It protects the work for the whole lifetime of the owner and for the following sixty years also.

  • Less chaos

 Most of the registrations bring along a lot of paper work and take a lot of time also. However, copyright registration comparatively is quick and easy.