Consequences of Patent Infringement in India

In this article, we will be discussing the consequences of patent infringement in India. Indian Patents Act, 1970 also considers manipulation of entries in a register which is claiming patent rights in an unauthorized way etc. to be punishable criminal offenses. Such penalties are mentioned in the Indian Patents Act, 1970. Though it doesn’t specifically mention the consequences of patent infringement. But in Section [...]

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Confidentiality Agreement and its Importance

Introduction- Confidentiality Agreement A Confidentiality Agreement is also called a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), which is signed between two parties. The Agreement defines information of a confidential nature. This is the information that the party wants to share with each other, given the nature of their transactions, but they want to restrict the access from a third party. Most importantly there are two things a [...]

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What is Utility Patent?

Introduction Utility Patent provides the inventor with the right to prevent others from using the protected invention commercially, without the grantee's authorization for a limited period of time. Thus, the utility model is an exclusive right granted to an invention. It is important to note that even though 'Patent' and 'Utility model'appear similar, there are differences between them: In order to obtain patent protection, [...]

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Computer Related Inventions in India (CRIs)

Introduction On 30th June 2017, the Indian Patent Office issued guidelines for the examination of Computer-Related Inventions (CRIs). When these guidelines were first published in August 2015 and again in February 2016, but strong resistance from stakeholders made it put in abeyance. Eventually, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry appointed an expert committee for their recommendations, and through these recommendations, these guidelines came into [...]

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The Parts of Patent Application,what are they?

The provisional patent application is very important. It is because all require similar elements but the utility patent application have the most requirements. The application of patents generally consists of the following:- Summary page Drawing set Background of the invention The brief summary of the invention The brief description of the drawings A detailed description of the invention Claim set Oath or Declaration Before filing [...]

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Analysis Of The Evolution Of India’s Patent Legislation

Patent Legislation - Introduction Patent legislation is the part of the Intellectual Property(IP) law that consists of laws regarding the new inventions. Earlier the patent laws protect only tangible scientific inventions (circuit boards, heating coils, zippers etc). However, over time patents protects a variety of inventions such as coding algorithms, business practices, or genetically modified organisms. In general, the patent is granted to those inventions [...]

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An Overview on Standard Essential Patent

Introduction The possibility of Standard Essential Patent ("SEP") is new to India. It ends up being a piece of Patent classification just as of late when Ericsson tried to uphold its SEP's against a neighborhood Indian handset producer, Micromax. The headway of the Indian economy incites the improvement of a sound rivalry in the business part which includes both worldwide and private firms. Which like [...]

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How to file a Provisional Patent Specification in India

Provisional Patent - Introduction According to the Indian Patent Act 1970 (Section 9), there are 2 types of patent specifications i.e. Provisional Patent Specifications Complete Patent Specifications A provisional patent specification is an application before filing a complete patent. The provisional patent specifies the invention in a broad manner but not completely. It is the type of document which may be filed before a Complete Specification [...]

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Overview on The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)

Introduction The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) provides us with an overview of an international treaty which is duly administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is an international treaty with more than 148 Contracting States. It is administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization(WIPO). The PCT is a universal settlement which gives a framework for recording a patent application [...]

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How to Obtain International Patent Protection

International Patent- Introduction If an inventor has an invention which he thinks is marketable, then he should consider for a patent protection. In the United States, the inventor has to first apply for the domestic patent through USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office). It is also one of the first steps in applying for an international patent. You can also call it as [...]

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